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My statement on the Barr press conference

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Donald Trump’s first enabler, his father, tried to contain his frustrated and angry little boy, even taking a position within Donald’s school in order to smooth the path for his increasingly violent and vindictive boy.

It was only when Fred Trump discovered his son’s cache of switchblades that he took dramatic action, enrolling the out-of-control 13-year old in military school.

As I (along with other physicians and mental health professionals) have warned, this president is a dangerous, destructive person with little-to-no impulse control. In addition to his mental health issues, Trump displays concerning behavior that any gerontologist will recognize as cognitive impairment.

The president’s continuing inability to manage his anger and frustration make him unfit for office. He belongs in a structured mental-health treatment facility, not the Oval Office.

I look forward to reviewing the 10 incidents cited by Attorney General Barr as examples of Trump’s “anger and frustration” and am be available to address and explain these matters as reactions to the redacted report unfold.

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