• Dr. Justin Frank, MD

    Best-selling author, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

  • Shrink Rap

    Dr. Frank Explains It All For You

    As Michael Cohen's testimony demonstrates, the president surrounds himself with yes-men and liars. Here's why...
    December 21, 2018
      As a divided nation prepares to come together again for the holidays (Hanukkah starts next weekend; Christmas décor is already in full bloom), it’s worth looking back at Thanksgiving 2018 and reflecting on how well we were able to digest diverse political opinions along with turkey and pumpkin...
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  • Trump on the Couch

    A full psychoanalytic portrait of President Donald Trump by the New York Times-bestselling author of Bush on the Couch and Obama on the Couch.

    Available in hardback digital and audiobook

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